Technology and medicine have gone hand-in-hand for many years. Consistent advances in pharmaceuticals and the medical field have saved millions of lives and provided better lifestyle to many others. As the years pass by and technology continues to improve, there is no telling what advances will come next.

Nowadays many Pharmaceutical & Software development companies are developing many virtual reality devices to help various kinds of patients. The use of VR and 3D visualization technology in medical science is comparatively a new concept.

Recently, VR played a vital role in the successful surgical operations in the hospitals. The doctors are using Virtual Reality to reduce the pain of Cancer patient, Arthritis patient, Rehab patient etc. Many good online VR apps are available, who can reduce your pain without using medicine. VR is also being used to help visually impaired patient. Not only is VR an effective method in reducing pain and anxiety it is also improving the medical field by giving advantages to the doctors. An article by NBC showcases the improvements made by VR technology in the medical field.

“Psychologists have found VR to be good for treating post-traumatic stress disorder. And stroke doctors, pain specialists, surgeons, and other medical practitioners have found their own uses for VR. In some cases, medical VR involves the familiar headsets; in others, 3D glasses and special video screens give a VR like experience.”

NBC’s article focuses on components such as complex operations, VR for pain and anxiety, and VR for rehab. All the benefits provided by VR has not only helped save lives but improved the healing process for the patients. No longer do patients have to go through the painful processes of rehab and suffering through endless hours of procedures to feel marginally better. An example given by a professor of physical therapy states that by “using VR, I can control what’s going on around the patient and measure what kind of impact it’s having on the patient’s ability to change. We expose them to this repeatedly and we give them feedback about how they can respond to prevent themselves from falling.”

The beauty of VR is that it allows people who are suffering from illnesses/problems are given the opportunity to see the world through a different lens, and by doing so they are able to gain the necessary confidence required to combat their problems. Another example is that of burn victims feeling less pain by playing a VR game called SnowWorld, “which features imagery designed specifically to distract burn victims. Patients who play the game during treatment report up to 50 percent less pain than similar patients not playing the game. Other research suggests that patients playing the game actually show changes in the brain that indicate they’re feeling less pain.”


There are many companies developing VR / AR applications for medical use. VRx Medical is a company leveraging virtual and augmented reality technology. They delivers accessible, drug-free, digital wellness right to your fingertips. Hence it goes to show that not only is this technology being used in hospitals and rehab centers, but people can order such kits for themselves and use it for their own benefits. The accessibility and potential of VR technology is limitless. Earlier people thought that VR was just going to be a gaming fad, however its uses have gone above and beyond the gaming world.

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