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Exigent's studio is just outside New Delhi in a growing industrial area called Noida that attracts high tech industry supported by a country known for its technological Horsepower. All our game artist speak English, have huge TECHNICAL aptitude and raw artistic talent, ready to be unleashed on your game.

Our team of artists is experienced and has the technical knowhow to produce any asset keeping the specifications provided.

We can easily adapt ourselves to any game style and can match your in-house quality in minimum time.

Our artist thrives on the challenge to produce the best quality game art outsourcing work within the given deadline.

Our Priorities are our people and your artwork. As good as our artist are, we constantly train and stay updated with the current and popular trends in Game Art. We keep your data SAFE through extensive physical security like studio keycard access, cameras, daily offsite server backups and disabling all portable media on workstations. India is new to gaming but not new to quality or technology. Together with our China studio we make the ultimate weapon to aim at any project.

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