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Game development is not new to China. The talent of these artists is well known, sought-after and dependable in its ability to surpass what you expect. Raw art POWER has been applied to the daunting technical translation of the next-gen game art for more than ten years now. Exigent's China facility is nestled within the safe haven of Shanghai Universal Software Park (SUSP) to create a truly special studio in the already crowded Shanghai development market.

Because of our unique relationship with the park, we have UNLIMITED access to motion capture, render farm and 3D digitization technology that scales to any need you have.

EXIGENT stands out because our commitment to quality is matched by our attention to our artists. They have a great place to work! Every physical security you demand from an outsource PARTNER has been installed. We have created an atmosphere of comfort and familiarity that serves one purpose: the deliveries you expect.

TOGETHER with our Indian studio we deliver a complete package of talent, technology and experience.

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