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Paul Steed, Garland Wong and Jesse Rapczak founded Exigent, a global game art outsourcing company with a single goal in mind: QUALITY.

They DEMANDED whatever it took to achieve this GOAL.

From Paul and Jesse, The baton has now been passed on to Vikram Saxena and George You, who have undertaken the responsibility to run both India and China studio respectively with the same goal to: DELIVER GOOD QUALITY ON TIME!!

GARLAND WONG : is the co-founder of Exigent Global. Garland will also be heavily involved in sales/marketing and business development. Garland is a serial entrepreneur who has started numerous companies. After selling his third company CommerceWave, a system integration company to publicly traded iXL providing a thirty fold ROI to its investors in less than 2 years. Mr. Wong co-founded Kinzan and helped raise $38 million in venture capital funding. Garland is also a technologist who was part of the team that built CyberCash, the first real time payment system on the Internet. Garland is also a limited partner and technology advisor for Menlo Ventures and Global Internet Ventures. Garland sits on the boards and advisory boards of several technology startups in the US, China, and India.

WINNIE SOOHOO : serves as the President for Exigent Global. Winnie has an accounting background and overlooks financial aspects of the company including payroll, taxes, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Winnie is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English and as a degree in accounting from San Diego State University.

VIKRAM SAXENA : serves as the General Manager of Exigent India. Vikram is an alumnus of Griffith University, Australia. He has over 13 years of experience in multiple Functional Verticals like IT, ITES, HR , Admin and General business management. Vikram joined Exigent Game Art Pvt Ltd as HR Manager in 2006. He went from strength to strength and became the General Manager of Exigent India, managing Operations, HR & Admin, Accounts & Finance, I.T., Facilities and Production.

GEORGE YOU : serves as the General Manager for Exigent China George is a veteran of more than 15 years professional experience of game outsourcing and development. George started his career in TOSE, the world's biggest game outsourcing company based in Japan and spent about 3 years working in Kyoto. He became the manager of the product department from 1997 - 2000 with TOSE Shanghai with 100+ working staff reporting to him and led his team on 4 PS and 4 GB/GBC titles. During 2000 - 2002, George joined KONAMI Shanghai as a producer and manager of 4th production group and managed the first multi-console project aims XBOX, PS2, NGC and PC of the studio. George left KONAMI in 2002 and opened up his own studio focus on mobile game & technology development

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